Bringing London and its streets to life through photography, Foto Ruta offers creative photography experiences, tours and workshops that will help you see the city in a different light.


Photo Tours + Workshops

Our selection of photography tours and workshops are unique, educational and are designed to encourage Londoners and visitors explore London creatively through the lens of their camera.  We welcome all cameras and all experience levels. 
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Foto Ruta Clue

A sociable and interactive photography experience. A set of clues will lead you on a journey of discovery around a London neighbourhood, giving you a greater understanding of the city and teaching you how to take great photos along the way. 
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iPhone workshops and tours

Learn how to take great photos with your iPhone or Smartphone and get the best out of editing apps and filters. Our iPhoneography courses and tours combine the latest iPhone/Android app technology with a creative exploration of the city. You'll never take a bad iPhone photo again!
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Who is Foto Ruta?

Our creative photography tours, events and workshops are unique in that they help you see the genuine side of London, encouraging you to explore off the well-trodden trail whilst  teaching you how to take great photos in the process. Not just for photography lovers, our experiences take a fresh approach to photography tuition through a range of interactive, informative and affordable tours and workshops that will appeal to anyone and everyone who wants a sociable, fun and memorable adventure in London

Foto Ruta Global

Yep that's right, we're going global. If you're visiting Buenos Aires (Argentina), Barcelona (Spain) or Santiago (Chile) you're in luck. You'll find our photography tours events and workshops there too. For more info visit or email us as